by : B.K. Trehan

Publisher : Lotus Roli

PB | 4.80 x 7.00 304 pages

ISBN 9788174365828

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About this book

Retirement is usually perceived as boredom, hopelessness and, virtually, the dead end of one's life. But it is a complete misconception. In fact, retirement is the beginning of another phase of life that can be satisfying and meaningful, even better than the 'productive phase', provided we make some smart choices and follow the right strategies. Like other important things in life, we must have some higher purpose, some goal, or mission in life to fulfil after retiring. Our inspiration and deeds should convince others of how great, wonderful and purposeful retired life can be. Retired But Not Tired, a thought-provoking and useful guide, helps us plan a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life after retirement. A must-read for recent retirees and those wanting to plan ahead.

About the author

BK Trehan, M.Tech., is an engineer, writer and teacher. He has a post-graduate degree in management systems from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. After working for thirty-five years in senior management positions in the oil and gas industry in India and abroad, he retired in 2002 as Vice-President of a major oil company in India. Yoga is his passion. Amid his busy professional career, he has been teaching yoga in India, the US and South America. He has also been writing, teaching, and conducting workshops and seminars on the subject. He is a consultant in the area of self-development and empowerment, working to improve the quality of human life. His workshops on managing retirement successfully and stress management by yoga are popular in the corporate world. He is the author of the book, The Joy of Living by Yoga. Indu Trehan, M.Sc. from Delhi University, worked as a research scientist in the Indian Council of Medical Research and the World Health Organization for many years before taking an early retirement to team up with her husband to popularize yoga. She has a diploma in yoga and naturopathy, and teaches yoga as a community service. She is the co-author of the book The Joy of Living by Yoga.

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